The Survivor

Now it is just you. You are feeling overwhelmed. You feel pressure to make decisions and have questions about what you should do next.

Perhaps you relied on a spouse or a partner for financial planning and investment management advice, but now you are alone. You have limited experience and doubts about who will place your interests first. You are eager for trusted, easy-to-understand advice and clear guidance as you adjust.

Now that I am alone, what’s next?

  • How might social security and pension change now that my spouse is gone?
  • Do I have enough money, or will I run out?
  • Do I need to sell the house?
  • Can I still afford to leave a legacy?
  • Who can help me make sound financial decisions and put my best interests first?
  • Who should I rely on? Family or a financial professional?

Sometimes it helps to know someone is in your corner.

If you are a Survivor, let's talk.

Thank you!