Our Story

Everyone has a Story and ours began with Marie Gawdzik (Barbara’s mother/Greg’s grandmother). In 1962 after starting a post-War family, Marie began her career in financial services within the insurance department of Talman Savings & Loan's (part of present-day Bank of America) main branch in Chicago. Just like Talman’s beloved founder, Ben Bohac, she was the one who always helped the client with their situation, come up with a solution, and provide them with peace of mind.

Barbara followed in Marie’s path into financial services at the young age of seventeen. She joined Marie at Talman in 1969. Barbara began with the role of the one who everyone loved and wanted to see. She was in charge of making sure on Saturday morning everyone received their fresh donuts and coffee. She progressed quickly and while in college, became a teller and not long after that a savings counselor. After pausing to start a family, she returned and within a short period of time was asked to take on the role of securities broker. She was now able to take all the wonderful relationships she developed over the years and help those clients at a higher & more comprehensive level.  

After spending the first ten years after college managing multi-million dollar projects within the construction industry, Greg joined Barbara in 2008. Little did she know for all these years that Greg would be the fit she was looking for to bring a higher level of service to her clients as well as ensure they would have continuity with their financial plans for decades to come.  

We are fortunate to be able to bring our clients the unique structure of multiple generations of experience to each one of our households’ situation. We are  humbled to have this responsibility.
One of the most gratifying experiences we have been a part of is the honor of helping generations of families pursue their goals. We are fortunate to have worked with four generations of a family in multiple instances.

In 2014, Barbara and Greg formally established G/R Wealth Management Group, LLC and partnered with LPL Financial (as our Broker/Dealer) & HighPoint Planning Partners (as our Registered Investment Advisor). We have focused on bringing a team structure in our practice to best serve our clients. We have grown to a group of four with the addition of Sandra Correa in the Oak Park office and Tamara Coffey as our dedicated team member at LPL Financial.

We look forward to the future chapters of our story being written with you over many years and generations to come.