The Pre-Retiree

Now it is time to focus on you! Retirement is drawing near. You are on the front end of the Fragile Decade (five years prior to and into retirement). 

You have worked hard, saved, raised a family, and did everything you are supposed to do.

As the end of a regular paycheck approaches, you are feeling increasingly careful with your money. You want to prepare as best you can. You want to find ways to better replace your paycheck through an income strategy and learn how to stretch your dollars and investments into retirement. The decisions made today will have a lasting impact for decades to come.  

What keeps The Pre-Retiree up at night?

  • How will I replace my income in retirement?
  • I have got accounts all over the place – should I consolidate?
  • Am I taking too much risk with my investments or should I take more?
  • How much can I spend in my retirement and over what period?
  • How can I be sure I can really afford to retire?
  • What will healthcare cost?
  • How do I choose the best time to take social security?

We Can Create a Financial Planning Process to Assist in Protecting and Growing Your Money.

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