What Happens at an Initial Meeting with G/R Wealth Management Group

We have a process we follow when we meet with someone for the first time:

  • We will send you our Introduction Kit.  This will provide you with important information about who we are and how you might benefit from what we do. 

  • After you have received the Introduction Kit and had an opportunity to review it, we will call you to book our first appointment.

  • The first appointment will be approximately an hour long. It is an opportunity for us to determine a FIT. We would like to stress that no decisions will be made at this first meeting. We believe the best decisions are made in an unhurried manner. We feel it is very important for both of us to have a couple of days after this meeting to reflect on what we have heard and learned. You can use that time to assess our practice and approach to ensure we can deliver what you are looking for.  We will use this time to assess your needs and expectations to ensure they are a good fit for our philosophy and approach. 

  • We will call you two business days later. On the follow up call, we will either:
    • Mutually agree that there is a FIT and we will proceed to the next step
    • One of us will determine that we are not right for each other and we will respectfully not proceed any further